We will provide more documentation on our support for various services. For now, please send email to Mark Nielsen at info@tcu-inc.com concerning one of the following:
  1. Installation, support, and programming for the PostgreSQL database server. This includes MAPPS and SDS.
  2. Installation, support, and programming for various web servers, preferrably Apache and Zope.
  3. Support and programming for various web-related languages, preferrably Python, Javascript, HMTL, PHP, Perl, etc.
  4. Creationg of multimedia presentations using Flash, Real, WMP. For more information, please visit http://www.audioboomerang.com.
  5. Installation and support for Linux Servers and Workstations in the Bay Area in California.
    1. Sendmail and pop services.
    2. NTPD time server.
    3. Samba file sharing and printing services for Linux and Windows.
    4. File sharing for Apple computers.
    5. Web servers.
    6. Database Servers.
    7. Firewalls
    8. IP forward/masquerading to hide an entire network behind one computer.
    9. Other services running on Linux.