Support at TCU and elsewhere

  1. Free Support
  2. User Groups here and there
  3. Free Documentation
  4. Free scripts and programs
  5. Connecting RedHat 5.0 to QuickNet services

Free Support

We are arranging to have free support based on volunteers and support from TCU. Come back here to see more about free support we will be giving for non-profit software.

Free Documentation

  1. Mark Nielsen's projects, documentation, programs he works on unofficially. You might also want to check out his articles and his resume.
  2. News, Linux information, and other links
  3. javascript

Free Scripts and programs

  1. TCU is creating a PostgreSQL database interface using Object Oriented Perl and Apache. It is called MAPPI for Mark's Apache Perl PostgreSQL Interface. Hold down your left shift key and click on this link to get Mark's Perl scripts for a postgres interface through the web. Install it at /usr/local/Mark and also set a script alias in apache in the srm.conf file like this

  2. ScriptAlias /MarksFrames /usr/local/Mark/frames
    and access this with
    This in its alpha stage and is not meant for the weary. Little or no documentation so far.