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News in Linux

and other free operating systems. Just a bunch of links Mark gathers every once in a while.
  1. Linux News
  2. Linux information and stuff
  3. Other stuff used with Linux a lot (apache, postgresql, perl).
  4. FreeBSD info
  5. Caldera DOS info
  6. Commercial Stuff
  7. Cool FREE Applications and programs
  8. Hardware --- Help verify that I am not ripping you off.
  9. Software -- Help verify that I am not ripping you off
  10. Other Documentation sources
  11. Configuration Links


  1. Debian Linux News.
  2. COAS. Caldera is leading an initiative to make Linux administration more user friendly.
  3. Linux in the Commercial World and RedHat's list of commercial software for Linux.
  4. RedHAt Linux news.
  5. RedHAt Linux Info News.
  6. Caldera Linux news.
  7. Caldera sues Microsoft. Other Caldera news
  8. Sun sues Microsoft. Homepage of Sun MicroSystems. Also, Sun's Reality Check for Microsoft.
  9. Upcoming Linux events .
  10. A good webpage about computer news in general.
  11. SSC Linux news
  12. Linux org news
  13. OS news column on Linux. Their inroduction to their Linux column.
  14. LinuxFocus -- a magazine devoted to Linux.
  15. Linux Gazette. A free magazine-like publication.
  16. ThreePoint Linux news.
  17. Linux Journal. I subscribe to this magazine. Even though it costs money, they support the Linux Gazette and often let out articles for free.
  18. GNOME news and KDE webpage. Both free windows95 like user-friendly Desktops being developed. PerlQt and Gtk and perl and Red Hat Advanced Development Labs which is helping to develop GNOME. Also, RedHAt has some rpms for GNOME located at their ftp site. The lastest GNOME rpms, at red hat labs.
  19. Linux weekly news.
  20. Slahdot -- a pretty webpage about issues concerning free software and stuff.
  21. news.com's weeklist.
  22. web watcher
  23. Freshment's list of software updates for Linux.

Information about Linux

  1. Linux console tools, X can be a pain in the butt man.
  2. Linux book reviews
  3. Scientific applications on Linux
  4. http://www.linux-howto.com/
  5. Linux Center
  6. Netscape plugins for Linux.
  7. Linux Enterprise Computing
  8. Virtual Network Computing from ORL. This looks pretty cool. Let me know if you try it out.
  9. Linux starters webpage.
  10. StarOffice 4 FAQ for Linux.
  11. Get an operating system, Office Suite, and web browser for $14 or for free with Caldera!
  12. An article at Sun Microsystems.
  13. Linux in businesses and Linux Helps Bring Titanic to Life, and Linux Business Solutions Project.
  14. Transparent Cryptographic File System, to replace NFS. Basically, I am going to investigate this, I use ssh for secure telnet and ftp, I will use secure webservers, modify the PAM configuration for security, and use shadow passwords. With Linux, I can make really secure computers and networks. Make sure you install NFS and read about security holes.
  15. WOOVEN Goods , which is a bunch of web programs for Slackware including Netscape and other stuff.
  16. KDE Desktop to make a user-friendly windows environment similar to Windoze95. SUSE Linux 5.1 uses KDE as tis default. A good move that RedHat and Caldera should follow.
  17. Linux Resource Kit
  18. Donate $5 to Debian (in the price list), the only distribution of Linux that is entirely promoted by volunteers. I don't use Debian because I have enough with RedHat and Caldera, but I want them to suceed for my own philosophical reasons. I donated! Or goto Debian's Donations webpage.~
  19. Linux Security Homepage. Another Linux security webpages. Linux Security Alerts at RedHat. Caldera's Linux Security --- this is pretty good.
  20. Linux org's Linux software resources.
  21. Help center at www.linux.org.
  22. Linux resources at www.ssc.com.
  23. Linux applications webpage.
  24. Games for Linux. What good is a computer if you don't play games?
  25. Game Tome News
  26. FTP site for games
  27. Xwindows games
  28. X-Mame home Page which will let you play all those 1980's games from the arcade. This ia REALLY cool.
  29. 3D software
  30. Debian Users Guide
  31. Debian Linux Social Contract.
  32. Sparc Linux webpage. Alpha Linux webpage -- for DEC ALPHA computers. some linux web links. SGI Linux webpage. Linux Ports on yahoo.
  33. Filerunner or the ftp site. Free Xwindows server for Windoze95 and Macs. Okay, it isn't Linux, but it is of notable mention and might be used in combination with Linux computers.
  34. postgres using redhat/
  35. Unixworld
  36. unixworld 98 tutorials.

Information about FreeBSD

  1. Support for FreeBSD.
  2. Documentation for FreeBSD.

Information about Caldera DOS

  1. Documentation on Caldera DOS.
  2. Information on Caldera DOS.

Information about stuff related to Linux

  1. Apache webserver. The most popular web server in the world which runs on many Linux systems (it is also free).
  2. Apache Week, a weekly magazine about apache.
  3. PostgreSQL database server (free). The default database server for RedHat 5.0.
  4. PERL programming language. A very popular programming language for Linux, Apache, and PostgreSQL. Also, the Perl org. Hey, it is free and it runs on many operating systems and can even make Windoze95, WindozeNT, or Xwindows programming.
  5. Perl modules list.
  6. PGaccess which is similar to MicroSoft access. It make it very easy to update your databases.
  7. PHP which is perl-like and lets you embed commands in your webpage which is really useful for doing sql commands.
  8. The Apache/Perl Integration Project using mod_perl. It lets you integrate perl with apache which makes your perl scripts run a lot faster by not having to initiliaze perl all the time.
  9. embperl fpt site. Embperl lets you mebed perl commands in your webpage. Also, there is webpage about embperl at apache. eperl ftp site. Eperl also lets you embed perl into your webpages. Documentaion is available. There is also a webpage about eperl. Eperl looks very powerful in conjunction with mod_perl and a database server.
  10. Javscript guide at Netscape.

  11. Javascript documentation and the Javascript Developer Central at Netscape. Also, you might want to know about stylesheets and layers at DYNAMIC HTML IN NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR

Commercial programs

  1. Informix and Linux and some notes.
  2. StarOffice
  3. Applixware
  4. WordPerfect and Corel Suite
  5. Oracle

Cool FREE Programs and Applications

  1. Netscape Communicator (web browser, html editor, mail and news reader, and more)
  2. SIAG office suite
  3. StarOffice for non-commercial use
  4. DOOM source code
  5. Andrew Applications and suite
    Web related links
  1. tags fot html
  2. uploading files to webserver
  1. http://wks.uts.ohio-state.edu/books.html

Hardware --- Help verify that I am not ripping you off.

  1. CPU review
  2. ARS Technica
  3. System Optimization
  4. Yahoo's links for hardware benchmarks.
  5. Cpu central
  6. Benchmark Resources
  7. Tom's Hardware guide
  8. The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
  9. Benchmarks
  10. Price_Guides n Yahoo
  11. Tom'as Hardware Guides
  12. Zdnet's Winstone stuff. Too much advertising in my opinion.
  13. Tom's tips on performance.
  14. Benchmarks on yahoo
  15. Intel secrets
  16. http://www.uplb.edu.ph/~evc/proc/icomp.html
  17. Tom's cpubench -- if you don't have time to read anything else, read this.
  18. Cpu prices, but as the webpage says, unless you buy huge quantities, forget getting these prices.
  19. Price watch
  20. Price Scan
  21. AMD K6-2 docs
  22. Intel PII facst sheet
  23. Celeron information

Software -- Help verify that I am not ripping you off

  1. Linux VAR HOWTO. Please buy from me anyhow if you find a better VAR! Let me know what I need to do to improve my service and such.
  2. RedHat hardware list

Other sources for documentation

  1. IBM Online Publications -- redbooks and other stuff.

Configure links

  1. 3 Button mouse HOWTO
  2. 3 Button mouse howto
  3. Linux HOWTOs