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  • The Computer Underground specializes in web/database programming with DATA manipulation being the main objective. We specialize in providing very powerful scalable solutions for web/database problems. Special attention is paid to Linux, Apache, Zope, Perl (mod_perl), Php, Python, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. In addition, we have programmers for Visual Basic and MS SQL.

    It is typical for The Computer Underground to charge over $100 per hour for its employees. We are upfront to our employees how much of a cut The Computer Underground gets. We do not resist employees being stolen from us, but it has never happened.

    About graphics.

    If you want pretty fancy shmacy graphics, we have setup outside graphics art consultants to take care of pretty pictures to dazzle customers. But it is not our objective to do the graphics ourselves. We setup the computers systems (websites and databases) and let the graphics people add stuff to the website.

    Copyrighted by The Computer Underground, Inc, 2001.

    These webpages are powered by Bluefish Linux, Perl, Php, PostgreSQL, and Apache. All of the webpages are driven by server side includes,,,, or other scripting resources. The need for GUI editors seems trivial when using ssi. SSI is much easier to use for a real webmaster. Notice how the server side include puts the correct time stamp of any file inside the webpage. Other web servers don't use ssi correctly. A ssi which includes a command or other ssi should have the content executed AFTER it is included -- a lot of other broken web servers don't do this, they execute code before the content is included (which would give you the timestamp of the included file and not the current file for the timestamp below). This is one of the many reasons why Apache is the most popular webserver used by the experts.